King Stewart is an artist, actor, model, producer and entrepreneur working in many different areas of entertainment to create something unique. As an artist he has a very open mind with music as he was influenced growing up listening to everything from Hip Hop, Oldies, Rock, Classic Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, Latin and more...  So he blends various elements of various genres with an empowering, loving, fun, energetic and refreshing new message that most don't or won't expect from Hip Hop. Music is a way of life for him, you might even call it a form of therapy, it allows him as an artist to open up and speak on his personal life situations and experiences that also connect with many others because we all go through these types of struggles, ups and downs in life. He wants to reach out and connect with fans who are ready for a new sound, vibe and message like this to let them know you are not alone, He's also gone through REAL struggles and there are brighter days.

As an artist he originally grew up in Kansas, born and raised then later moved to Wyoming so he could grow not only spiritually but also focus on music, upon arriving in Wyoming he realized there weren't as many resources for music as there were in Kansas so he had to learn a lot on his own and learned to become very resourceful. He started out doing just hip hop but as he's grown as an artist and started to make music that was truly heartfelt he began changing the image and sound of the music he's creating.

The name King Stewart for him is more than just a name, it's a title, a lifestyle, an image, a brand, its a mentality, its about spirituality, its a behavior, its a personality. He got the name because being resourceful led him to learning and mastering many forms of entertainment from photography, videography, music production, recording music, graphic design, website development, connecting with A List executives at major labels, major magazine publications, radio stations etc.... He's also been mentored by established Hollywood producers and directors and has always believed in being a leader and that a true leader doesn't brag or pride his or herself on how many followers he or she may have but they pride themselves on how many of their followers they can turn into leaders. 

King Stewart believes that a TRUE King doesn't flash their money or jewelry or financial gains to the same fans that supported your music or business, a TRUE King gives back to the community and pays it forward to help someone else. And the most important thing a TRUE King does is believe in God, asks God for forgiveness, thanks God for God's blessings and trust's in God's guidance.

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